Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2008

Featured Article

Get Creative

Ignite your team's innovative spark--and watch fresh ideas power your business to new heights.

Bouncing Back

When IPO plans flop, companies in need of capital find new ways to make financing work.

Girls' Club

Power lunches aren't just for the guys anymore.

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Trash Talks

By spurring change, Tom Kemper made himself a nice chunk of it.

Street Cred

Making a difference while you make a buck? Prove it.

Life After Google

They struck it rich, and now they want to help your company do the same.

Form and Function

The 2009 FX is Infiniti's most elegant crossover yet.

Tax Relief

If you're on the move, don't forget to consider tax rates.

Earn Your Stripes

Feeling patriotic this Fourth of July? Follow the lead of these four entrepreneurs who've built businesses that help soldiers overseas and let the troops know how much they're appreciated.

Technology Roundup 07/08

Get the rest of your tech fix here.

Connect More

Pack some power with these handy USB gadgets.

I Know That Voice

If you've got business to take care of on the go, why don't you just say so?