Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2008

Featured Article

On the Horizon

The economy may be down, but the expansion capital outlook remains positive in 2008.

Get Your Money's Worth

We show you 10 ways to save during startup--and which investments are worth the splurge.

High Rollers

Venture capitalists showed entrepreneurs the big bucks in 2007. Could one of our top VC firms be looking for a business like yours this time around?

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Let's Get Critical

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Smart Ideas Roundup 08/08

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Simple Startup

How to keep your site's operating costs low while still boosting profits

Taking Over

Buying out your boss? You can do it--and get a good deal.

Do the Two-Step

Forget cold calling--now, getting leads is as simple as counting to two.

Early to Rise

These entrepreneurs jumped at the chance to be franchisees while they were young--and their determination and drive are paying off.

World Of Difference

In college, you've got the whole green business world in your hands.

Face Time: Too Faced Cosmetics Inc.

These cosmetics connoisseurs are giving major brands a run for their money.

Costs and Benefits

Should you share your company's financial woes with employees?