Entrepreneur Magazine: September 2008

Featured Article

Fresh Faces in the Franchise Industry

Take a look at the newest faces on the franchising scene.

Word Gets Around

How can your company harness the power of rave reviews? A customer-driven social networking site makes it possible.

A Time to Innovate

Some of the business world's most influential women get together to take on the future.

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Playing Favorites

Striking a balance between sales, profits and cash flow may mean giving one the upper hand.

Funny Business

Webcomics are picking up where print comic books and newspaper strips have left off

Going Places

Find your niche by putting a spin on your online travel business.

Is Your Employee Data Secure?

Lock up employee data, or face the consequences.

Solid to the Core

Surefire ways to build your core confidence.

Opening Ceremony: All-Inclusive

Fashion-forward entrepreneurs bring a clever shopping concept stateside.

Hear This

It may be hard to swallow, but negative feedback can get you heading in the right direction.

Making Mint

By helping people manage their money, this entrepreneur is earning his.

It's in the Bag

The right shopping bag can carry more than just your business's merchandise.