Entrepreneur Magazine: September 2008

Featured Article

Fresh Faces in the Franchise Industry

Take a look at the newest faces on the franchising scene.

Word Gets Around

How can your company harness the power of rave reviews? A customer-driven social networking site makes it possible.

Unscramble This

Encrypting data can save you lots of heartache. How should you do it?

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Shoot For the Clouds

The bigger the better? Not when you're trying to reach the next level of portability.

Let's Cut This Short

If you've been hoping for an end to early termination fees, sorry--they're still here.

Technology Roundup 09/08

Get the rest of your tech fix here.

Snap to It

Take smarter shots with a new feature-packed digital camera.
Growth Strategies

Is Your Employee Data Secure?

Lock up employee data, or face the consequences.

Solid to the Core

Surefire ways to build your core confidence.

Turn It Around

When the economy takes a tumble, don't let your marketing go down with it. Stay standing by retuning your message.


To sell abroad, you'll need to make some alterations.

Natural Born Clickers

They might be clicking through, but will they buy? Don't just wait and see.