Entrepreneur Magazine: December 2008

Featured Article

Year-End Tax Tips

Know what you can do to ease the burden of April 15.

Don't Get Scammed

Borrowing money? Watch for online scams.

A Leash on Your Laptop

New tracking software monitors your missing laptop's whereabouts.

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Don't Fear Failure

A bad turn can point you in the right direction.

Ride in Luxury

Saab's powerful new convertible will really get the wind in your hair.

Bad Debt? Get a Tax Break

In a troubled economy, every penny counts. So take advantage of these tax savings.

Smart Moves in a Bad Economy

When costs rise and customers wane, don't let knee-jerk reactions kick you in the wrong direction.

Know When to Bid, When to Pass

That sealed envelope may hold your ticket to a fat new job--or it may be an exercise in futility.

Meet Via Video

Videoconferencing technology comes to the rescue when being there isn't an option.

Change Can Do You Good

A change request from a client led to a whole new line of business for one flexible company.

Happy Babies, Happy Planet

Bored while her baby slept, this mother created organic, cloth diapers.

Be Your Own Trend Spotter

Preparing for the future is easier if you know what's coming.