Entrepreneur Magazine: October 2009

Featured Article

Tony Hawk Carves a New Niche

The master of the half-pipe and creator of a skateboard empire is about to introduce his latest trick: a skateboard without wheels

The Greening of Lunch

Kids Konserve hopes its eco-conscious lunch products for kids will raise awareness for parents.

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Companies are under pressure to get the results of their marketing money. Here's how to prove you're delivering.

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Your Startup May Be Worth Less Than You Think

The recession has resulted in a drop in the valuation of startups.

Conquering Your Fear of Fees

Savvy investors know to read the fine print about money-management charges.

Analyzing the Analytics

How to make sense of your website's performance data

On the Itinerary: Your Future

Study abroad, and find the business opportunity of a lifetime.

A Very Good Year for Beer

Sales of craft beers have risen--even in a tough economy

Top of the Food Chain

Reality TV king Mark Burnett speaks about Shark Tank.

Less Ramble on the Road

TripAdvisor turns its attention to business travelers

Who's Getting VC Now?

A startup that helps businesses track consumers' phone purchases gets funding even sooner than its founders expected.

Shiny Object of the Month

Thumbing around the world with the Blackberry Tour 9630.