Gift Ideas for Your High-Tech Valentine


Don't give in to flowers and chocolate this year.

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1. Love Daze

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2. Call of Love

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3. Wrapped Around Your Heart

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4. Date Night Every Night

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5. Every Rose Has a Pwn

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6. Wrapped Around Your Finger

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7. You Light Up My Life

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8. Phone Sweet Phone

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9. Power Ballad

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10. Heart Songs

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11. AskMen Valentine's Day

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A high-tech Valentine's Day gift might seem unromantic to some, but not to you and your significant other.

After all, you use technology to keep in touch all the time, whether you're Skyping from opposite ends of the country or texting from the other room. There are times when it can have a less-than-desired effect on your relationship (put the phone away at that Valentine's Day dinner, please), but it can also bring you closer. 

You don't even have to use a couples-centric app. Yes, those exist. There's Couple for long-distance lovers or those who just want to share their day and send a thumbkiss from time to time. Then there's Avocado, which might seem like an odd name, but avocado trees need a partner to bear fruit (aww); the app version can keep couples organized and in touch.

There's a raft of apps designed to bring you closer, but with Valentine's Day nearly here what you really need is one that suggests what to buy. Don't give in to flowers and chocolate. We found a few tech-inspired things we wouldn't mind getting and might just give this Valentine's Day.


Create a calendar on Social Print Studio with your favorite photos. The daily calendar can be created in three formats. 


Give a bouquet of roses that will make their every text sweet with the Kate Spade Silicone Roses Case.

$10 for one, $35 for 5

The spirit of those sweet/tart Valentine's hearts will stick around longer when they're written on a cord keeper they'll keep close.

Plan prices vary

You won't forget date night with a MoviePass membership and the accompanying app. Just in time to see those Oscar-nominated movies, this service lets film buffs see two, three or an unlimited number of movies for a set price each month.


Real flowers perish, 8-bit is forever. This Lego rose approximates the look of 8-bit and like your love will never die.

$5 to $105

3D-printed heart ring is a very modern way to express a very timeless sentiment. The best part is that it’s also affordable and adjusts to every style since it comes in a variety of materials and colors.


Spell out how much you love them with the DIY Cinema Lightbox.


Your Valentine might be most in love with their phone. Don't try to compete; give in and get them a sweet treat. You can buy a chocolate iPhone or DIY your own. Since it doesn't get reception, you'll have to whisper sweet nothings to them in person. If you can't find the right words, them go for some emoji conversation hearts.


You get a charge out of seeing the object of your affection, but it does nothing for a phone that's at 13 percent. Get the Sonix Fancy Heart Portable Power Charger to give 16 hours of additional life to a phone.


You share your love with someone, you should share your music, too. This adorable heart headphone splitter lets you plug two sets of headphones into one device.

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