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16 Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes, From Steve Jobs to Swole Jeff Bezos

Not sure what to be for Halloween? Here are some ideas.

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The Halloween spirit is typically goblins, ghouls and ghosts. But why not bring your entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront on Oct. 31?

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From Snapchat’s dancing hot dog to Steve Jobs’ turtleneck and New Balances, here’s your guide to 16 tech-inspired Halloween costumes.

Chase Mitchell | Twitter

The ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme

When memes go viral, their shelf life is usually less than a week -- and in many cases just a few hours. However, this year’s viral meme sensation, the “distracted boyfriend” (also referred to as “man looking at other woman”), is here to stay -- for Halloween, at least. The meme was originally a stock photograph featuring a man with his likely girlfriend blatantly turning his head to look at another woman. And if you’re looking for a funny Halloween costume, take it from Twitter user Chase Mitchell, who turned the meme into a costume.

Snapchat’s dancing hot dog

If you’re not sure what you should be for Halloween, Snap has you covered. For $80 on Amazon, you can buy the company's dancing hot dog Halloween costume, inspired by the Snapchat filter. If you’re in a hurry to get the costume, you can use Amazon Prime to get it delivered in a matter of days.
David Paul Morris | Getty Images

Steve Jobs

On a budget? Here’s a pretty easy costume to put together, with some pieces you might already own. Just pick up a black turtleneck, some blue jeans, some round-rimmed reading glasses and a pair of sneakers (New Balance if you want to get specific), and carry around your iPhone all night long (you probably will anyway).
Dan Krauss | Getty Images & JP Yim | Getty Images

Elizabeth Holmes

If you’ve got two parties to attend -- here’s a pretty simple one. Just switch off from Steve Jobs to Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, the outfits are pretty much identical. However, trade out those blue jeans for some black slacks and those sneakers for some black flats or dress shoes, and throw on a black blazer. Done.


Emoji has become its own language. Undeniably one of the most popular today is the poop emoji (in fact, in Ireland it was voted the most popular, according to a recent study). And it’s actually become so well-known and commonly used that you can order a costume online on Amazon for $40.

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Go back in time and dress up as Albert Einstein for Halloween. On Amazon, you can purchase an Einstein costume set, which comes with a white wig, some white bushy eyebrows and a white mustache. If you want to go all out, grab a white button up shirt, a sweater vest and a bowtie, or go the mad scientist route and throw on a white laboratory jacket.

Mario and Luigi

Halloween is the perfect time to show appreciation for everyone’s favorite video game icons: Mario and Luigi. Deck yourself out in some overalls, a red or green tee, a hat and a mustache. Check out some options on Amazon.
Drew Angerer | Getty Images

Swole Jeff Bezos

Back in July, a photo of a “swole Jeff Bezos” went viral on the internet. And while Bezos and Amazon are on their way to taking over the world, now’s the perfect time to dress up as one of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful people. It’s pretty simple too -- with some jeans, a black polo, a down vest and some aviator glasses you’re almost there. However, you might need to start lifting weights beforehand to add the “swole” factor. But hey, maybe it’s a little too late in the game for that. Instead, Amazon can offer you some muscle arms.

Error 404 page

Not into Halloween? That’s OK, there’s a costume for pretty much anyone -- in fact, there’s a costume for no costume. What we mean is, how about an Error 404 page? Get a white T-shirt, grab a sharpie and spell out something such as, “Error 404. Costume Not Found.” If you don’t want to go down the DIY path, you can get a pre-made shirt from Amazon for less than 15 bucks.
Pau Barrena | Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg

Another major tech leader who’s known for sporting the same outfit every day. Throw on a grey T-shirt, some jeans, a pair of sneakers and a black hoodie. If you want to get really specific, you can even purchase the same shirt Zuck rocks -- but it will cost you. Zuckerberg gets his T-shirts from designer Brunello Cucinelli, and they run about $300 to $400.

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Justin Lubin | NBCU | Getty Images


Another easy -- and quite literal -- one, but only for those daring enough to get their face a little bit dirty. Grab some Halloween makeup or facepaint and write “BOOK” across your face. Sound familiar? The idea actually comes from an an episode of The Office, when Jim Halpert sported this costume.

Minecraft Steve

Steve, the famous heroic blockhead character from popular video game Minecraft, is another tech-inspired costume that’s sure to grab anyone’s attention. While the makers of the game reveal very little about Steve and leave much up to the imagination, you can score a Minecraft Steven costume online, blockhead and all. With his recognizable blue shirt and pants, that part of the costume is easy however you’ll have to spend a little extra on a blockhead mask.


Well, this costume could go two ways. In a matter-of-fact sense, you could just dress up boring. Or, to be a little more creative, you can instead be Elon Musk’s Boring Company and purchase one of the new T-shirts he released. Pretty simple costume -- but hey, it might make headlines.

Pokémon Go trainer

We’re not ready to let it go quite yet. Many people are still indulging in the popular Pokémon Go even after it reached a peak last year. To join in on the fun and keep it going, try out a Pokémon Go trainer costume on Amazon. There are a variety of options and colors to choose from, which feature a zipped trainer hoodie with a matching hat. As an extra perk, you can get a belt, some pokéballs and a bag as accessories.

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Barb from ‘Stranger Things’

To align with the upcoming season premiere of Netflix’s Stranger Things, which is scheduled to premiere on Oct. 27, dress up as everyone’s favorite, most misunderstood character: Barb. To execute it perfectly, you’ll need some wide-framed reading glasses, a red-haired bob wig, a blue blouse and some khakis. If you want to take the more spooky approach, you could take inspiration from after Barb was abducted and include some fake blood and gause.
Costume Works


Every millennial’s favorite childhood relic from the 1990s made a comeback this year. So just in time for the holiday, let the nostalgia work its magic and dress up as a Tamagotchi -- there are even costumes available online.