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5 Inventors Share The Secret They Wish They'd Known When Developing Their Products. Now Their Brands Sell Millions. Founders and designers of cookware, boxed wine, soda brands and more share what they know now, and wish they'd known before taking their product to market.

By Frances Dodds Edited by Mark Klekas

Key Takeaways

  • We spoke to five inventors, and these are the things they said they wish they had known sooner when they were developing their products and ideas.

We all have that random item or product we wish existed. Or maybe there's something like it that already exists, but you wish there was a version that was cuter, healthier, cheaper, or better-made. And we've all thought… what if I were the one to make it?

You should definitely do it. But before you do, here are a few things to consider. We spoke with founders and designers who've had great success bringing products to market, and asked about discoveries that totally changed the direction of their invention or brand aesthetic. Here, five share the advice and stories they'd tell to their less-experienced selves.

1. Think outside the box (literally).

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