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Entrepreneur's Top 10 Insights From Richard Branson in 2013

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Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has had more experience launching businesses than almost anyone. Lucky for our readers, he's eager to share what he's learned.

From the best places to find inspiration (hint: always keep a notebook) and the importance of failure to life lessons from his mother, here are the most popular columns the serial entrepreneur wrote this year.

10. Richard Branson on Preparing the Perfect Pitch

You need to be prepared to pitch your business anywhere, anytime. Virgin's CEO offers his insight on just how to be pitch-ready wherever you are.

9. Richard Branson on the Best Places to Find Inspiration

Getting inspired to start a new business means paying attention to the world around you. Here's how the serial entrepreneur finds his own inspiration.

8. Richard Branson on Entrepreneurial Determination

The super successful business owner on what it takes to build your own business.

7. Richard Branson Shares Business and Life Lessons From His Mother

Five important lessons Richard Branson learned from his mom.

6. Richard Branson on Taking Risks

Stepping out of your comfort zone is unavoidable if you want to truly grow your business. Richard Branson discusses some of his own risky decisions and how they helped him grow an empire.

5. Richard Branson on Keeping Your Most Valued Employees Happy

Finding top talent is hard enough, but keeping driven employees satisfied so they stay at your company has its own challenges. Virgin's CEO offers insight on how to please your most valued hires.

4. Richard Branson on the Secret to Success: Failure

If you haven't failed yet, you haven't been in the business long enough. Here, he offers advice on three key attributes every entrepreneur should possess in order to be successful.

3. Richard Branson on Crafting Your Mission Statement

Richard Branson explains how to cut the crap and make a mission statement that actually means something.

2. Richard Branson on Knowing When to Quit Your Day Job

Leaving a stable job to pursue your startup full-time takes courage. Here's why you should take the leap.

1. Richard Branson on Business Ideas in the Growing Health-and-Wellness Industry

The health and wellness sector is growing; the famous entrepreneur explains why you should get on board.

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