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This Guy's Flight Is One He Won't Soon Forget


This is perhaps every business traveler's dream come true. And it's apparently a true story.

Chris O'Leary via Twitter
Chris O'Leary

We've already heard about the guy who spent a night alone in an airport terminal (and was inspired to create a viral music video about it). Now we have Chris O'Leary who was the only passenger on a recent flight from to 's LaGuardia airport. 

That's right. Bedsides the flight crew, O' Leary had the entire 76-seat plane to himself.

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So, he stretched out in an aisle seat. And, of course, he tweeted about it. Wouldn't you?

Bad weather in the earlier this week caused O'Leary's plane, Flight 6259, to be delayed for six hours. While his fellow passengers desperately booked seats on other flights, O'Leary hung tight.

When he boarded, it appeared that he was the sole hold out. He asked the flight attendants to take his picture.

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Unfortunately for O'Leary, his solitude was short lived. Just before the plane was to leave the gate, the crew reattached the jet bridge and another passenger boarded.

"It was definitely the most memorable flight I've been on in recent memory if only for the sheer lack of passengers to become bothersome," he told ABC News.

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