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The 12-Step Plan for Creating a Rich Life

This story originally appeared on Lewis Howes

Let’s say you were the youngest ever news anchor at -- and then at CNBC, covering major financial stories.

You also reported during one of the biggest financial crises of the century.

You have interviewed and rubbed shoulders with the who’s who of the financial world for years.

But you don’t know that much about how to manage your own .

Let me introduce you to the behind today’s guest on The School of Greatness.

Nicole Lapin is an incredibly successful and talented reporter and television personality, but it wasn’t until years into her career that she faced the truth about her own financial .

After years of study, credentials, and re-shaping her , she is releasing a new book, Rich Bitch, where she tells the stories of her own journey while offering her best tips to creating a rich life.

I met Nicole through our mutual friend James Altucher (a money genius himself) and we had a great conversation about the inspiration behind her book.

While her work is largely focused on helping women take control of their finances and learn the language of money, her insight and tips are useful for anyone.

She even takes me to task for how I’m investing and I pick up some some advice during the interview.

If you’re interested in finally understanding the myths surrounding investing and healthy finances, you’re going to love Episode 128 with Nicole Lapin.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How is like a language you have to learn
  • Her story of what motivated her to get into finance (hint: she had to buy a plane ticket with actual paper money)
  • Why she wrote her book of money “confessions”
  • The idea of “financial dieting”
  • How to set finance goals around the three F’s: fun, finance, and family
  • Why it’s important to come up with a sustainable spending plan
  • Why you should never buy a house just as an
  • The reason you should think of ALL your time as billable hours
  • What to account for with your savings plans: essentials, endgame, and extras
  • Why you should talk about how much you make with your friends (and ask them as well)
  • Plus much more…

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