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The 5 Ultimate Content-Marketing Tools

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is fast becoming the standard. While the premise of providing valuable content for your consumers is great for relationship building and creating die-hard fans, it can take time and energy to properly manage.

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All the typical social-media platforms and marketing tools must be deployed and consistently updated with content. That can be overwhelming as you try to wrap your arms around managing the , social-media skills, video-production skills and project-management skills required to create powerful campaigns.

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Fear not! There are businesses that have thought of the content-creation needs of entrepreneurs just like you and have created great tools to help. Here is a list of the five ultimate content-marketing tools you need to help you get started creating great campaigns.

1. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a complete content-marketing ecosystem. Flexible and efficient workflow software is paired with a marketplace that brings together branding, and publisher communities for creative collaboration.

As a company, connect with talented content creators and influencers to bring content ideas to life. Build your strategy around trending topics with the platform's content intelligence tools and manage the creation process through a single dashboard.

Are you a content creator? Consider joining the ClearVoice marketplace as a contributor and build freelance relationships. Set your own rate and work preferences. Get paid instantly upon approval.

Whether you’re looking for content or you are a content creator, ClearVoice provides the platform to collaborate and forge meaningful relationships and share-worthy content.

2. Outbrain

If publishing and distribution are more where your content marketing is struggling, then Outbrain is for you. Use the platform to amplify the for any type of video, infographic, blog or other expertly crafted content. How does it work? Your content will appear as a promoted suggested similar content alongside popular local and national sites. This is a pay-to-play option, but one that can help to get your content out to a bigger and highly relevant audience.  

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3. HubSpot

HubSpot is perhaps the gold standard of inbound-marketing platforms. It has incredible customer support, loads of tools for monitoring and creating effective blog posts, landing pages and other heavily supported content-marketing campaign initiatives.

HubSpot also has social-media analytics and message-scheduling capabilities, so your content can seamlessly publish to your social channels when you finish creating all your great pieces. The company offers some of the best free white papers on content marketing, social-media best practices and other helpful marketing tools available on its site.

4. BuzzSumo

If you want to figure out which online outlets or influencers are getting the most traction in your space, look to BuzzSumo for analytics-driven insights. BuzzSumo will populate the highest ranking, most social and most influential content trending on the web that matches your search terms. This can help you find better ways of titling your content, as well as help you discover where to advertise based on relevant audience reach.

It’s a great tool and the first five searches are free, so test it out and see how much you can learn from this invaluable content creation tool.

5. Copify

Good writing is challenging to find, much less consistently create. Quality content creation requires researching, drafting, editing and designing before it should see the light of day. What if you aren’t a writer or you don’t have an on-staff writer? Not to worry. Every entrepreneur can access the quality copywriters available through Copify.

Unlike many other write-on-demand sites, Copify has a rigorous qualification process for its copywriters so you get quality content without the hassle or time of needing to write it. You’ll love the results and the on-demand, as-needed pricing.

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