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Controversial 'Yelp for People' App Now Available for Download

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A Yelp for people -- a review site for your neighbors, coaches, co-workers, even dates -- sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?

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That’s exactly the reaction folks first had when news of Peeple, a people-rating mobile app, came out in October. But starting today, following a number of tweaks, the app is available for free on Apple devices, according to CBS News.

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While initially, Peeple sounded like a free for all, the app won’t let users rate or review others without their permission and reviews can only be published only after their approval. Users also have the ability to hide any negative posts -- which can be personal, professional or romantic. For accountability reasons, Peeple also requires all users operate under their real names.

Still, an update scheduled for April will allow users to buy a “Truth License,” which unlocks all reviews, positive or negative.

"If a mom wants to look up a coach for her kids, she can see all the amazing things on that person's profile, but maybe there's some areas of improvement for that person," co-creator Julia Cordray told CBS. "So, when the mom upgrades to the truth license, she'll be able to see all the recommendations on the back-end that the coach never published in their profile."

The update will most likely generate just as much backlash as the app’s initial announcement.

Still, Peeple makes it clear on its website that bullying and harassment is not the goal.

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"We do not tolerate profanity, bullying ... name calling, degrading comments, abuse, derogatory comments, sexual references, racism, legal references, hateful content, sexism, and other parameters,” the website says.

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