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A 30-Second Habit With the Power to Shift Your Perspective

Habits don't have to take lots of time or be complicated. It's entirely possible to make changes in 30 seconds.

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All of us want to get ahead and progress to the next round of the video game we call life. Time has become more valuable than money, and we’re all looking for a quick fix or life hack we can use to improve ourselves. That’s where those overused things we call habits come in. You’ve read 101 blog posts on them and probably still not taken action.

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That’s what my job is. I’m you’re online, blogging accountability partner. I’m going to secretly mess with your life every time you promise to take up a new habit and then don’t (I’m joking by the way, and I’m not stalking you, I promise). Let’s get serious for a minute. You’re probably unlikely to be in the 1 percent that wake up one day and make three decisions that completely change your life. That’s okay. This means you’re like the rest of us and need to start slowly and create a low barrier to entry. 

The good news is that all you need are these seven habits that take only 30 seconds each to complete:

1. Give yourself the chills.

Create a moment for yourself that makes you get the chills down your spine. We all have a piece of writing, video, song, etc, that makes us get the chills. Practice going through this exercise once a day for 30 seconds. These moments are what will help you see how others have inspired you and how you can do the same. Chase them like an addictive drug and remember to spread them to everyone around you. Choose these moments as often as you can.

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Right after experiencing the chills down your spine, step into a moment that makes you fearful. Use this habit before a major speech, presentation, job interview, pitch to investors, or even asking out the girl of your dreams. Let these moments help unlock your greatness and remind you of the best parts of life. Use them to propel you forward and make you unstoppable. Most of all, enjoy them.

2. Inspiring photos.

Your perspective will change when you start sharing inspiration. A quick 30-second habit is to share one inspiring photo per day. Here’s how you do it, so it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds:

  • Like ten motivational Facebook / LinkedIn Pages so you always have somewhere to get photos from.
  • Each day choose one photo from one of these pages that inspires you and share it on social.
  • Write one sentence about what this photo means and how it can help other people.

3. Compliment someone.

Your inner world will start to change, and your perspective will shift when you notice the good in people. Each day, compliment one person for 30-seconds. Make sure you mean it, and don’t lie to them. The easiest compliment to give is why someone inspires you or makes you feel good. At the end of your praising, thank the person and ask that they keep doing what they’re doing. Pretty soon you’ll have a bunch of people that will be bending over backwards to help you in your endeavors. You’ll also have references of good, quality people when you meet someone who is less than perfect and may upset you.

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4. Take a breather.

Refocus on the here and now for 30 seconds. Before a big meeting, bring yourself back to the now. Know that no single action is going to destroy your world and everyone gets a second chance. Believe that what you have to offer is valuable. During that half-minute, while you think these thoughts, breathe slowly and deeply. Chill the heck out and remember not to take everything so seriously. People are way more stressed about their own problems to remember when you accidentally make a mistake.

5. Write three negative thoughts down.

Labeling thoughts as positive or negative will help shift your perspective. Each day, for 30-seconds, write down three thoughts that were negative. As you do this more often, you’ll find yourself labeling more thoughts. You’ll know you’re a Jedi Master when you start labeling negative thoughts as they happen rather than after the fact. You have the power but start small with 30 seconds. You’re not James Bond -- yet.

6. Picture Quotes.

Yes, picture quotes have taken over the Internet. There’s a reason for it: they serve an important purpose. Each day for 30 seconds, look at one picture quote that you’ve discovered on social media. Read it a few times, and try to see how it could be relevant to your own human experience. When you’re ready, take it up a notch and share them out with your network, similar to the advice I gave earlier.

7. Look in the mirror (realize you're awesome).

Spend half a minute looking at yourself in the mirror. Realize that you won the race against the thousands of other sperm in your battle for life and existence on planet Earth. Stare deeply into your eyes and look for that sparkle.

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It’s in this sparkle that the seed to your success will come from. Look carefully and see just how awesome you are. See the unlimited potential you hold, and use your mind's eye to see that potential be released.

It’s time to take action.

Why can’t you change your perspective in 30 seconds? Of course you can. You can do anything if you believe you can. Try them out and if they don’t work, feel free to hurl abuse at me. I only say that because I’m 100 percent confident, you will see a shift in your perspective. What’s the worse that can happen? Thirty seconds here, 30 seconds there. You spend more time looking at Facebook and LinkedIn than you would ever spend doing these habits. Start now and send me a message to let me know how you go. 

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