12 Things You Should Never Say at Work (Infographic)

Here's what you should say instead.
12 Things You Should Never Say at Work (Infographic)
Image credit: SrdjanPav | Getty Images

It’s easy to let something slip at work -- especially when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

There are a number of potential scenarios where you can put your foot in your mouth. Maybe you’re trying to provide constructive feedback and you end up coming off rude or critical, or perhaps you disagree with a co-worker, but instead of listening first, you interrupt.

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There’s no need to hide what you want to say, but there’s always a polite, honest and effective way of doing so. There are also certain phrases that you should always steer clear of.

Check out Headway Capital’s “12 Things You Should Never Say at Work” infographic below to learn more.

Image Credit: Headway Capital
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