7 Newsletters Online Entrepreneurs Should Subscribe to

Getting to the next level in your business may be only a few quick shifts or tweaks away.
7 Newsletters Online Entrepreneurs Should Subscribe to
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No business is built in isolation or in a vacuum. Many entrepreneurs have coaches and mentors who lead the way and guide them along the journey of building the business of their dreams.

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Additionally, there are ways to gain access to, and consume, valuable information: videos, podcasts, blogs, forums, magazines and of course, newsletters.

Newsletters are often a treasure trove of information. Topical experts painstakingly curate the best content on a specific subject and present it in an easy-to-read format for their subscribers.

Most importantly, this is information you don't have to dig for and find yourself. Someone else has done the work for you, and the only thing you have to do is make the time to consume the information so you can stay up to date in your industry and implement ideas that will help your company grow.

If you aren’t subscribed to these newsletters yet, you need to have a look for yourself.

1. SaaS Weekly

In SaaS Weekly, serial entrepreneur Hiten Shah curates the best content across the web to help SaaS business owners grow their business. As you can guess, these new newsletters go out on a weekly basis.

Shah’s newsletter focuses on SaaS businesses, but he also curates content related to marketing, sales, product creation, content marketing and more, making it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs in a variety of spaces.

2. Seller Labs

Are you running an Amazon business in any capacity? If so, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can be to keep up with all the updates and policy changes. Violating them can mean losing the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

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Fortunately, there’s Seller Labs. This is a great newsletter that comes out every Monday and comes packed with fresh updates on a weekly basis.

So, whether you’re an Amazon seller, FBA business owner, associate or otherwise, this is a valuable resource for keeping up with the latest happenings on the Amazon platform.

To begin receiving newsletters from Seller Labs, opt in for the ebook on the homepage or use any of the opt-in boxes at the end of the blog posts.

3. Tomasz Tunguz

Tomasz Tunguz is a partner at Redpoint, a venture capital firm. He writes daily blog posts about important questions startups face and backs it all up with data. These posts are also distributed by email, which is essentially what his newsletter consists of.

In his writing, Tunguz covers every topic and business model imaginable, from the challenges of performance pricing for SaaS businesses to how to properly interpret your stats. There’s something here for most if not all entrepreneurs.

To subscribe, look for an opt-in form on the homepage of his website

4. Mattermark Daily

Mattermark Daily is a daily digest featuring the best posts from investors and operators. More than 100,000 business professionals actively read this newsletter.

If you’re interested in getting an insider’s view into what investors are thinking and why they invest in certain companies, or how specific operators are coping with challenges and building their businesses right now, you’ll enjoy Mattermark Daily.

5. Startup Digest

Startup Digest is a different kind of newsletter, because as the subscriber, you dictate the experience. You can choose what reading list to subscribe to, whether you want to receive news on a local or global scale, how many updates you want sent to your inbox and so on.

This newsletter covers every topic imaginable, from 3D printing and emerging economies to food tech and wearables.

Startup Digest also offers opportunities to get connected with your local entrepreneurial community and events you can attend to build new connections.

6. Charged

Charged isn’t just a weekly newsletter -- it is also a podcast and community for busy entrepreneurs, and essentially a one-stop-shop for tech news. Journalist, developer and writer Owen Williams is on top of what’s happening in tech and what’s coming next, making his insights valuable to business owners everywhere.

As we all know, technology is changing rapidly, and it’s difficult to keep up with it all. So, not keeping pace could mean overlooking important shifts in the market, missing opportunities or even getting left behind. Fortunately, there’s Charged.

7. Morning Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an issue affecting all entrepreneurs and businesses using smartphones, tablets, computers and any device with internet access -- and that’s most of us.

Keeping sensitive information secure is top of mind for many companies, and this task is only going to increase in importance with the continued proliferation of big data, and developments with the cloud and the internet of things.

Morning Cybersecurity is a daily newsletter that offers insights into politics and cybersecurity. But, of course, security is something that affects all industries, not just the political world, and isn’t something growing companies should be ignoring.

Final thoughts

What topics do you need to learn about? Which ones do you need to keep abreast of?

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Build your subscription list around newsletters that will help you and your company grow. We all have limited time to consume relevant information, but it must be prioritized.

Getting to the next level in your business may be only a few quick shifts or tweaks away, and if nothing is inspiring you to move forward or to change what you’re doing, these newsletters may help prolong your journey to achieving everything you want out of your entrepreneurial life.

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