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4 Simple Techniques to Hone Your Message

Be your true self, and become the authority in your field.

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Do you feel like your business is going unnoticed? Is your message not reaching the right people or anyone at all? Do you wonder why some people have 10,000 likes on their article and you only have 100? 

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Here’s what I know to be true. If your business is not clear on its message, you aren’t going to stand out. Period. People want the realest version of you. In a world full of B.S., it’s refreshing when we come across a message that is 100 percent no fluff and purely genuine.

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If you want to be your true self and become the authority in your field, consider these four steps.

1. Take a stand on your message and mission.

Don’t filter what you share based on how other people may view you. Not everyone is going to “like” you or what you have to say. You didn’t get into business to be liked by everyone, did you? The more you edit, the more you sit on the sidelines. The less you edit, the more you stand out and become an authority in your field.

You can’t be afraid to piss people off. Be the person that has the audacity to speak their mind. Be the person that has the balls to say what others won’t. These are the traits that will make you and your business stand out from the crowd and not get lost in translation.

2. Let other people be your ambassadors.

This means less talk, more action. Every single person you encounter needs to see who you really are. Be your true self, and your message will become real and authentic. If you are being fake and fluffy, anyone with half a brain can see directly through you. Everyone wants to find a voice they can relate to, and you can be the person everyone talks about.

Once people start talking about you and your business, word spreads fast. They can either say, “Wow this message is so fake. This is such B.S.” or they can say, “Wow this person is in my brain, they understand my pain and my plight so well. This is someone I can trust.” Which one would you prefer?

If you want people to talk about you in a positive manner, be yourself. Be real and keep your word no matter what.

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3. Create trends.

Have original ideas. Be a leader, not a follower. Don’t try to fit in. In fact, do the opposite, because the whole point is to stand out, right? In order to create a trend, the idea cannot come from anywhere else except your brain.

Don’t be influenced by what other people are doing or saying. If you want to create something unique, you can’t be flooded with what you think other people want. Create what you want. Create what you need, not what you think others want or need. That’s where true originality comes from. It can be scary to say what you think. Everyone has that fear of rejection, fear of alienation, fear that you are not going to fit in.

But you didn’t get into business to be scared. You got into business to make a difference and provide a solution to others -- your solution, not a solution based on outside influences.

4. Speak directly to your target audience.

Your audience is you. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Put yourself out there. People respect that shameless aspect. Everyone walks around with a certain type of pain or joy, and if you put a voice to it, that can be a very powerful tool of influence.

Don’t try to reach everyone. Remember, your message isn’t for everyone to hear. Every single person on this planet doesn’t think the same. It is your job to reach your tribe of people. If certain people don’t like you, that is a good thing. Your message is customized. It shouldn’t be general. It shouldn’t reach everyone. If you are trying to include everyone, that will be your biggest downfall.

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In today’s world, we are taught to conform and not to rock the boat. We are taught to be a part of society. Standing out and being an authority can seem like an almost impossible task. Fitting in is taking the easy way out.

Be different. Be the innovator. Be the change.

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