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4 Offline Revenue Opportunities to Pursue in the New Year

Make this New Year an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and experience explosive growth in multiple ways.

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As we come to the end of the year, this is a great time to think about and plan the growth strategies of your business for the New Year. It's an opportunity to do a deep dive and course correct what needs to change.

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You may have crushed it this year and are celebrating huge wins. Or, it was slower than you wanted and you’re looking for new ways to add revenue. Either way, entrepreneurship is a constantly evolving journey. You don't "arrive." You keep building that greater vision.

You can take your knowledge, skills and expertise and use them to generate multiple streams of revenue all over the world. You are the fuel that keeps your business running. Use these offline revenue streams to experience even more growth and opportunity in your business.

1. Speaking at events, conferences and associations.

Every day, there are conferences happening in which speakers teach audiences about their topic and what the entrepreneur does in their business. There are smaller events that are industry-specific but still pay speakers for training. There are associations meetings in which groups come together to learn tactics, strategy, and to be inspired. Again, speakers are booked to train at these events and are paid well.

Public speaking is a scary proposition for a lot of people (in general), but we’re entrepreneurs. If you can get over self-limiting beliefs around public speaking, you can book lucrative global opportunities for your business. These speaking gigs want your knowledge and training on your topic. They will pay you a fee, cover any travel experiences, and let you promote your other offerings in your business.

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2. Local consulting with privately-held companies.

You’ve built up your business for a reason. You’re good at what you do and there are other companies that could benefit from that knowledge -- especially locally. Privately-held companies are owned by an entrepreneur or family. They don’t have all the red tape of a large organization. The owner(s) can hire you on the spot if they see value in what you offer.

There are local companies right in your backyard that need and want what you have. With all the opportunity in the market, these companies wouldn’t view your business as competition. You can approach local companies with topics and ways you could teach them how to grow their business. Local consulting could be a great addition to your revenue streams that wouldn't require a huge time commitment.

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3. Global corporate consulting.

In the same vein as local consulting, global corporations need training. While there are people on staff in an organization, they prefer a fresh and outside perspective, and they’re always willing to pay for training. You can be booked to consult as corporations all over the world. In fact, the main part of my business is traveling to twenty plus organizations a year consulting on the topic of digital marketing. I’ve consulted at some of the largest corporations in the world.

First, determine right now that you do have what a big organization wants. If you’re doing it in your business, you can train on it to an audience and market of any size. Corporations having been hiring consultants since the beginning of business. There is a huge need. Then, use tactics to book your first corporate consulting gig.

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4. Host your own mastermind meetups. 

Your audience wants more of you. They want training by you in person. You can host small events or an in-person mastermind meeting. You can do this in your home or host it at a fun exotic location. It can be a work/play type of situation. This can be done in one or multiple days. You can teach your whole system or break it down into parts over several meetings.

The point being, you can train in more ways than courses, coaching, products, and services. Give in-depth training through in-person events. You can host these once a month or once a quarter. These also tend to draw in higher-end clients.

The Internet and social media have created great opportunities for us as entrepreneurs. Offline opportunities can work hand-in-hand with what’s available online. Don’t limit your what’s possible in your life and business. Make this New Year an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and experience explosive growth in multiple ways.

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