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6 Cybersecurity Must-Haves for Your Business

Last year, 60 percent of cyberattacks targeted small and medium sized businesses. Investing in protection is worth it.

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In the current environment, cybersecurity is essential for businesses of all sizes. Many small or medium-sized businesses find themselves without adequate cybersecurity, either as a result of believing that they don’t need it or simply overlooking it among the many demands that come with running a business. 

Yuichiro Chino | Getty Images

Unfortunately, the reality is that smaller businesses are often seen as an easy target, making them at high for a cyberattack. To stay adequately protected, both small and big businesses must develop effective cybersecurity infrastructure. This can feel like an overwhelming task for smaller businesses: There are concerns about limited budgets, IT expertise, and having the knowledge to select from the high volume of cybersecurity solutions available. 

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