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You Made a Game, Great! Now Here's How to Make Money With It.

Revenue-generating strategies for indie game developers.

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You’ve spent a long time working on a video game during your downtime. You’ve done your marketing research, you’ve promoted on social media, a couple of blogs have written and reviewed your game. An influential Youtuber did a Let’s Play, or you may have even been featured on Steam. Whatever the case, your marketing efforts have resulted in moderate sales. 

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In the day of democratized development, anyone can be an indie game developer. Major successes like Minecraft and Undertale have inspired many to hop on the bandwagon, and rightfully so. The video games industry is expanding quickly, with a market value of $63.3B in 2015, and a projected $89.7B in 2019. But more and more games are financial failures, even from previously successful studios. The lack of marketing and promotional budget and expertise is a common reason. But even with good marketing, a game can still flop. Why?

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