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Why Affordable Minicomputers Can Improve Your Workspace

Mini computers used to have mini functionality, but that's changed.

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Gabe Shepherd started a small business with lots of growth potential — and he did it on a computer that could also be described that way.

His company, which he launched with some buddies in December, is called Vegas Built, and it’s a shopping app for locals to find great deals. He created it with the help of his Mac mini, a tiny (7.7 inches by 1.4 inches) computer that sits on his desk. It originally didn’t have the memory capacity for Photoshop and Adobe XD, but that was no problem: Once he needed those programs, he purchased a 64GB upgrade from a third party and installed it himself. “Photoshop uses more processing power, so being able to afford the extra RAM helped with efficiency,” says Shepherd.

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