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Save money if I earn little: Follow the 50/30/20 rule

In this infographic we explain how to make this habit part of your life.

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Saving can be a difficult habit to create and maintain. And it doesn't really depend on how much money you make, but on the discipline you have to reach your goal.

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Gama-chan es el monedero con forma de sapo de Naruto.

There are many ant saving methods (the one that is not felt), such as the 52-week challenge, the 10-peso challenge or the one-month strategy to increase your capital, but if you want this habit to be part of your life , you have to learn the 50/30/20 rule .

This consists of allocating 50% of your income to the necessary consumption: housing (mortgage or rent), services (electricity, water, garbage), transport, food, school, clothing. 30% can be used for expendable expenses, such as going to the movies, bars, paid applications and the remaining 20, for savings.

We were inspired by the iconic Gama-chan, Naruto's toad-shaped purse, to explain this simple principle to you.