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100 Women of Impact In 2021

Our annual celebration of the women leading today's most influential, innovative companies, and changing lives while they're at it.

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Welcome to Entrepreneur’s annual 100 Women list! When deciding who (among the many incredible women we reviewed) to highlight this year, we asked one question: Who is making an impact? In the pages below you’ll find star athletes, technology whizzes, investors, activists, scientists, doctors, beauty aficionados, chefs, farmers, journalists, producers, teachers, jewelers, and much more. These women are diverse in every sense, but what they have in common is a drive to challenge the status quo in their communities and industries—even within their own powerful companies. In reading their stories, again and again, you will hear some variation of: There has to be a better way. I will find it. So get inspired, and go find a better way!

Brooke Nipar

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