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McDonald's Workers to Strike Against Workplace Sexual Misconduct

Employees in at least 10 cities, including Chicago and St. Louis, will protest.


McDonald’s workers will hold a one-day strike Tuesday to protest accused sexual harassment at multiple American locations of the fast food giant. 

Barcroft Media | Getty Images

Employees in at least 10 cities, including Chicago and St. Louis, will protest to demand the company “stop wasting time and listen to workers when it comes to fixing rampant sexual harassment in their stores,” according to a Facebook post by Fight for $15, an advocacy organization. 

The post linked to, a site which includes more information and a petition. 

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“McDonald's: It's time to put a stop to sexual harassment and violence in your restaurants,” says the page, which also urges visitors, “Support fast-food workers and worker survivors on STRIKE after a 14-year-old McDonald’s worker was allegedly sexually assaulted by her manager, a registered sex offender.”

A lawsuit was filed last month alleging a McDonald’s manager in Pittsburg raped a 14-year-old employee. Her attorney, Alan Perer, told Fox Business, "They advertise everywhere this is your first best job and attract these...mostly young women. To place them in harm's way and not protect them by not hiring properly and not overseeing what's going on is just shocking.''

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also filed a suit in September accusing a franchisee of not properly responding to sexual harassment accusations at nearly two-dozen locations in Nevada, California and Arizona. 

The company released its own statement: "Every single person working at a McDonald’s restaurant deserves to feel safe and respected when they come to work, and sexual harassment and assault have no place in any McDonald’s restaurant. We know more work is needed to further our workplace ambitions, which is why all 40,000 McDonald’s restaurants will be assessed and accountable to Global Brand Standards."