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Hundreds of FedEx Packages Were Found Dumped in a Ravine, Driver Under Investigation

Over 400 packages were found a ravine in Blount County, Alabama.


There’s the old adage about letters seemingly getting ‘lost in the mail’ or the all too familiar and unfortunate reality of packages being delayed thanks to the pandemic and supply chain shortages.

Blount County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Hundreds of packages are found in the ravine.

But for some not-so-lucky customers who were waiting on packages in Alabama, it looks like the delay of their packages had nothing to do with the unexpected after hundreds of FedEx packages were found dumped in a ravine in the Northern part of the state.

Authorities have called in one FedEx driver for questioning after over an estimated 400 packages were found dumped in Blount County, Alabama.

Blount County sheriff, Mark Moon, posted to the organization’s Facebook page to update residents on the ongoing invettigation.

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“Investigators have determined that the driver dumped at least six times making FedEx a victim of six different Theft of Property cases,” he explained. “As of right now we are looking at around 450 individual victims, some in Blount County some not, that investigators are attempting to work their cases. This will not be an easy or fast case to close. Again I am asking for patience from our citizens as our investigators work through this case.”

Photos of the abandoned packages were also posted to the police department’s Facebook page, showing hundreds of damaged boxes and bags seemingly thrown off into the woods for no reason.

Moon also said that investigators have been in communication with FedEx and that the driver they believe is responsible “has been identified and questioned.”

“Now that you have a person of interest it also might be a good idea to investigate why the driver was pushed to such lengths,” one Facebook user commented.

The investigation is still undergoing.

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