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Reese Witherspoon Shares Her Ambitious New Daily Habits, and Ina Garten Hilariously Responds With More Realistic Goals: 'Drink More Large Cosmos'

The celebrity chef posted a good-natured teasing comment on her friend's latest post.


Reese Witherspoon and Ina Garten are pals, but that didn't stop Garten from posting a good-natured teasing comment on Witherspoon's most recent Instagram post.

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The actress and entrepreneur took to Instagram to share one of her goals for 2022, which is to focus on everyday habits to improve her overall life. She showed James Clear's best-selling book Atomic Habits and credited it for inspiring some of her new routines.

Witherspoon shared that her new daily habits include starting the day with a big glass of water, getting 10 minutes of outdoor light, reading for 30-60 minutes every day without distraction and getting in bed by 10 p.m. every night to get eight hours of sleep. She then asked her followers what habits they're working towards, and Witherspoon's friend and fellow celebrity Ina Garten had a hilarious response.

"That sounds great but I'm probably not doing any of those things! LOL!! My formula is easier to follow: 1. Drink more large cosmos 2. Stay up late watching addictive streaming series. 3. Stay in bed in the morning playing Sudoku instead of reading a good book. 4. Spend more time (safely) with people you love. In a pandemic, I do what I can!"

The celebrity chef followed it up with three heart emojis, indicating her response was all in good fun. Though January typically brings ambitious new productivity goals with it, Garten's advice serves as a reminder that simple pleasures like doing the Sudoku and spending time with friends can be just as fulfilling as more ambitious goals.

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