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Why The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Startup Is Take a Vacation

Yes, there is always something that needs to be done, but yes, you need to take a break anyway.

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It's summer. People are planning to take off to enjoy time with family and friends on the beach, at theme parks or in the woods. I have friends going to , to the Caribbean and even a pair of amazing girlfriends creating their own version of summer camp in .

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I watch all this on social media and dream wistfully of the day when I can book those tickets and take that trip, too.

But this year, taking a vacation -- or even a single day off -- seems like a fantasy. I at a startup and we all work our tails off because we want to see this place succeed and evolve.

Nobody has time to take a break because...wait a second, looking around, I've noticed my co-workers and even my boss planning time away while my calendar remains filled with shows to cover and lunches to have. What's wrong with me?

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I've decided: no more! I will come up with a plan and take some time away. I will not be the who remains chained to my laptop. I want to escape and I need to chill out. And honestly, it's better for the company if I do.

I'm like many workaholics in that I think the world will fall apart if I'm not on-call every day. Note to self: It won't.

People need to regroup and re-center. We need to stress about new things like flights or traffic to the beach. It's important to remember that the world is bigger than work.

I don't have the budget for luxury travel this year, so I am hoping to spend some time at a friend's house upstate hiking, eating, writing. I may also staycation and take my kids to places like local Playland or the town pool. I may spend a day in the city seeing that art exhibit I meant to see at The Met and The Brooklyn Museum. Or I will bring my son to The Natural History Museum to pray he inherits my love of dinosaurs. Maybe I'll finally do all of this laundry and locate all of our missing socks just in time for the height of flip flop season!

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I will do all of this and know that everything back in the office is okay. I relish the fact that the team I work with is solid and smart and above all, trustworthy. Vacation is a great reminder that I'm not alone in this. I am part of a team. And I'm better off being a relaxed and happy person who can see our business through fresh eyes, rather than the stressed bundle of energy they are currently getting on a daily basis.

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How about you do yourself a favor? Take some time off.

Sit down with your calendar and treat vacation as any other important meeting you need to schedule. It's an instant mood booster. You'll get giddy as soon as you put it in because the countdown to vacation immediately begins.

So, let's do this. Join me and escape for a week or a few days -- whatever you can manage. Give yourself a break, do your company a favor and enjoy the summer!

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