Entrepreneur Magazine: December 2006

Featured Article

The Hot List

Now that we've uncovered the most popular business trends for 2007, it's up to you to strike while they're hot.

True Story

Ever wonder what makes successful people tick? One book works it out.

Creative Clientele

How customers can help you get creative.

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Best Practices

Your good habits can rub off on your business.

Managing Your Debt

Even successful businesses have debt, but how much is too much? Learning how to manage debt is what can put you ahead.

Review of GPS Devices

No matter where your business travels take you, one of these GPS devices will help you find the best route to get there.

Good Connections

Take your business where you want it by networking.

Tap Your Talent

To help boost your business, focus on what you do best.

Real Smart

Your academic experience doesn't have to be all about the grade.

From Scratch

How one entrepreneur built something out of nothing

Offering Stock Options

Have stock options lost their sparkle? Maybe--but this compensation tool can still be useful if you know how to do it right.

Creating Community at Your Office

Your employees are feeling more socially isolated. Should you help?