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These Warming Smart Mugs Can Keep You Productive Longer

You don't slow down, why should your beverage of choice?

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Caffeine is the fuel of the busy entrepreneur. When you start your day early to go through the previous day’s business, take calls and meetings throughout the day, and make big-time decisions in the afternoon, chances are you’re going through a few cups of coffee. However, if you’re dumping out cups that have gone cold just to make sure you have a fresh cuppa, you’re doing it wrong.

In the digital age, you don’t have to worry about your coffee or tea getting lukewarm. You can just heat it up with one of the several smart mugs on the market.


Ember Ceramic Mug

The Ember Ceramic Mug integrates with the Ember app, allowing you to set your desired drinking temperature and maintain it for an hour. Once that temperature is reached, you’ll get a notification. You can even save presets for your favorite drinks. Gen 1 has a battery life of about one hour, which can extend to all day if you keep it on a charging coaster.

Mug Gen 2 is equipped with the same features but comes with the charging coaster included and a power adapter so you can keep the mug charged and ready to take care of your beverage all day.

Ember Ceramic Mug (Gen 1)

Ember Ceramic Mug (Gen 2)


Ember Ceramic Travel Mug

The Ember Ceramic Travel Mug boasts many of the same features as the regular Mug but it’s built for portability. It lets you set your precise drinking temperature and maintain it for an hour, but also features a 360º leak-proof lid, a 12-ounce capacity, and a two-hour battery life that makes it easier to use on the go. Again, it’ll last all day if you put it back on a charging coaster between meetings.

Gen 2 of the Travel Mug features the same portability and flexibility but includes an adjustable thermometer on the front of the mug, making it easier to adjust the temperature on the fly.

Don’t let your coffee cool off before you do. Grab any of these smart mugs today.

Ember Ceramic Travel Mug (Gen 1)

Ember Ceramic Travel Mug (Gen 2)