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7 Health and Wellness Products to Help You Decompress During the Weekend

Put your weekends to good use.

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In these stressful times, it's important to take advantage of any time off you get. Mental health is a crucial element of running a small business and finding time over the weekend to focus on relaxing and recuperating is essential. Of course, that's sometimes easier said than done. Fortunately, we've rounded up some items that can help you get the most out of your days off.

Felicity 5-in-1 Head Scalp Massager

Got an itch? Having a hard time relaxing? The Felicity 5-in-1 Head Scalp Massager is the perfect tool to calm you down. Plus, it comes with multiple attachments for different needs.

Get the Felicity 5-in-1 Head Scalp Massager for $24.99 (Reg. $29). 

Acu-Ball Vibrating Portable Foot Massager

Sore feet? Get a rejuvenating massage at home with this vibrating foot massager. Just turn it on, step on, and your feet will get the love they need to keep on going.

Get the Acu-Ball Vibrating Portable Foot Massager for $29.99 (Reg. $49). 

Acu Palm: Airbag Hand Massager

If you suffer from carpal tunnel or just get cramps from typing all day, the Acu Palm can provide much-needed relief. This device offers effective heated massage therapy to help your hands relax and recover after a long day. It works for three hours on a single charge.

Get the Acu Palm: Airbag Hand Massager for $74.99 (Reg. $84). 

Thermosage 7-in-1 Circulation Enhancing Massager

If your legs have a tough time getting going at the end of a long week, this massager will be a huge help. With seven modes, this powerful massager enhances circulation in your legs, giving you a refreshed, rejuvenated body. You'll be ready to hit Monday running.

Get the Thermosage 7-in-1 Circulation Enhancing Massager for $99 (Reg. $149). 

Shiatsu Leg Massager

For those days you need a somewhat stronger massage on your legs, this Shiatsu leg massager has you covered. With powerful kneading action, pressure point rollers, and soothing vibration, it will help break up knots and release lactic acid in your legs.

Get the Shiatsu Leg Massager for $189.99 (Reg. $400). 

Vitality Swing: Chi Swing Machine

With a powerful 40W motor and padded vinyl ankle cradles, the Chi Swing Machine acts as an accessible form of passive exercise. It stimulates muscle contractions, boosts oxygen in the blood, and loosens the spine for greater overall health. Just adjust the speed with the remote control depending on your needs.

Get the Vitality Swing: Chi Swing Machine for $249.99 (Reg. $350). 

Ninja Leg Massager 2

This high-powered device is like having a personal massager on call all the time. It caters to all body types and contains an advanced foot massager, reflexology roller zones, and airbag compression to target your calves and ankles. The 12 compression airbag massagers fit all legs.

Get the Ninja Leg Massager 2 for $259.99 (Reg. $349).