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This Company Set Up an Amazing Office Inside a Historic Victorian Castle

Now this is some startup space built for kings and queens.

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Think Google and Apple have cool offices? U.K.-based financial comparison website blows those giants out of the water with its new, renovated office space located inside a historic Victorian castle.

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The 10,000 square-foot castle is built for kings and queens, and will now be the workplace of 50 employees. Company founder Chris Morling invested about $3.7 million in the royal office space -- so it’s no wonder it boasts a Star Wars-inspired movie theater and a library that looks like it belonged to Ernest Hemingway. Along with providing its employees with the ultimate office space, the company also treats them to free breakfast, flexible start times, monthly socials and weekly beers.

“You spend half your working life in the office and I wanted to create a motivating, uplifting environment,” Morling says.

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To create this magical office, Morling partnered with U.K.-based design company Interaction and local designer and TV personality Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Check out these awesome images of the new office.


Once you make your way inside the expansive castle, you’re greeted with bright geometric carpets and a wall of luscious green plants.

Posh women’s bathroom

Who knew going to the bathroom could make you feel like royalty? The women’s restroom features intricate cut-out walls, a chandelier and artwork to remind you that you’re standing in a historic Victorian castle.

Rock-and-roll themed men’s bathroom

Morling and the design team just made going to the bathroom much more exciting. Their rock-and-roll inspired bathroom boasts Rolling Stones lips as urinals and iconic images of favorite rock bands on the walls.

Steampunk men’s bathroom

The second men’s bathroom in the castle is steampunk-styled to accompany the historic feel of the castle. The bathroom even looks a little Harry Potter-esque.

The ice cave

If employees need a place to chill out, they can make their way to the “ice cave.” The ice cave is designed to look like the inside of an igloo, with comfortable seating lining the walls and even a penguin in the window. To Morling, this room was the most unique aspect of the entire design.

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Board room

Adding a modern twist to a historical landmark was no easy feat -- especially because Morling and his team made it a priority to ensure the heritage of the building throughout the entire process. The bright, colorful board room features sleek, leather chairs, hardwood walls and knight’s armor.

Star Wars-themed cinema

Morling has made it difficult for employees to have a reason to leave the office. The Star Wars-themed movie theater -- which even features a popcorn machine -- is perfect for anyone looking to kick back and relax.

Game room

“Work hard, play hard” is a clear theme of this office. The castle features a game room, with foosball, a pool table and arcade games.


This library will make you feel like a 16th century king or queen. With oak floors, a red Chesterfield couch and wall-lined books, this room is bound to bump up your IQ.

Pow wow room

Need a quick team pow wow? In this castle, there’s a room built specifically for that. With bright red walls, flashing lights and some motivating art, this room is made to motivate.

Open office room

Despite all these amenities, there is a place where people actually get their work done. The open-office plan is revamped with art-adorned walls and spots of colors that align with the company’s branding.

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Huddle room

If employees need a room to quickly break off into, the funky huddle room features modern seating and furniture, with a splash of tasteful color.


When designing this office, Morling just about thought of everything. To make sure employees are always feeling fresh, the castle even features showers.

Hamster gym

For any gym rats (or in this case, hamsters), the castle’s gym features everything from weights to treadmills and even has its walls decorated with … hamsters.

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