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How This Couple Used Junk for Furnishing Places

Unbelievable but true, Jodhpur-based couple Hritesh and Priti Lohiya have redefined the concept of waste by utilizing it as raw material.

Seven Learnings to Abide by in the Interior Design Sector

Seeing beauty, identifying key elements that become part of the design story.

Here's How Digitization is Improving Interior Design

nterior designing on the digital platform provides the opportunity to experience the luxury of designing, online

India is Fast Embracing the Open Office Culture. Here's Why

An open office cuts through the hierarchy and makes way for a collaborative space.

Sanchita Dash

How to Build the Right Office for Your Startup

A word of caution: Don't build an office to impress investors

Sanchita Dash

This Entrepreneur is Ending Monday Blues, One Office at a Time

He has cracked the secret code of co-working spaces in India

Sanchita Dash

No-Paint-Allowed Office Makeover

The final episode of this season of Office Goals on the Road brings Kate and Joey to Abrams Artist Agency, where they collab with their friends Jade and Amanda to work around the "no paint allowed" rule to give their personal offices and the company green room impressive, modern makeovers.

Mr. Kate

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Way You Construct your House

Virtual reality helps in giving consumers a better picture to their rough ideas, helping them decide what they want

Sanchita Dash

#8 Office Design Trends To Follow This Year

Bringing the outdoors inside is an office design trend that won't be going anywhere soon

Shabnam Gupta

Passion Projects and Problem Solving: How Noa Santos Started Homepolish

The Stanford architecture and business graduate explains how his experience in the design space led to the creation of his company.

Jason Saltzman

Things To Look at Before Finalizing Your Interior Designer's Contract

The importance of architects and designers who can help you understand the abundant information available, and assist you to make informed decisions is unquestionable

Interiors For Your F&B Startup: Friends' Avenue Café Has Personality

The founders of the café, who are all aged between 24 and 25 years old and are currently pursuing Master's degrees, bootstrapped and set up their homegrown concept in Dubai's JLT neighborhood at the end of February this year.