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Pizza Hut Launches a Line of Pizza-Themed Apparel

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You may have swagger, but does it appropriately convey your love of pizza?

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If not, no worries. Pizza Hut has your back, having just released a new line of pizza-themed clothing called Hut Swag. Because, as the Hut Swag hoodie declares, "pizza is bae."

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We all may have had a dream or two that includes those delectably saucy pizza pies. So naturally, in addition to yoga pants, tank tops, T-shirts and "pizza vision" sunglasses, the new line includes a "dreaming of pizza" pillow case and a "pizza cuddles" blanket.

The Internet wasn’t exactly sure how to react to the combination of yoga pants and pizza. Some embraced the idea. Others, not so much.

This isn’t the first time Pizza Hut has entered the merchandise game. Around this time last year, the company came out with a limited-edition line of nail polish. Options ranged from "Dough you need me" and "Meat me after midnight." However, only 30 lucky people -- the winners of a pizza-themed Valentine’s Day poetry contest -- were able to get their hands on the cheesy creations. This time around, Hut Swag is available to all online.

Pizza Hut isn't the first fast food franchise to try and entice millennials with wacky merchandise. In 2013, Taco Bell launched a line of apparel and accessories, which included items like skateboards, watches, rechargeable speakers and rings that spell spell out "Taco Bell," in addition to the expected T-shirts and hats, on its Live Mas website. And in April 2014, KFC started selling drumstick corsages just in time for prom.

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If you’re wondering who, exactly, is actually going to wear a shirt that reads "My Pizza My Life," the practice seems to be more of a branding tool than a ploy for profit. Both Taco Bell and Pizza Hut donate proceeds from their online stores to nonprofit charities -- the Taco Bell Federation For Teens and World Food Program USA, respectively.

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