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Chocolate Lovers, Have We Got the Perfect Job for You

The makers of Cadbury eggs and Oreos are looking for someone to help it discover its next big product.


This part-time gig sounds like a pretty sweet deal. (Wait for it.)

bhofack2 | Getty Images

, the Hanover, N.J., snack company that owns brands such as Nabisco and , is searching for a " and Beverage Taster." The role is at the Reading Science Centre in Reading, England, a part of the company that researches and develops new products.

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The requirements are simple. The job listing only asks that candidates be excited to try new projects, be able to give an honest opinion and have “a passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection.”

So if you’re a team player with a discerning palate and extensive , why not give it a shot?

You would only need to be available for seven and half hours every week -- shifts are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:15 to 2.45 p.m. So maybe have a light lunch those days.

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