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The Goal Standard Challenge: How to Keep Your Momentum, Drive and Determination

As The Goal Standard Challenge comes to an end, we have tools to help you continue to making 2017 a bigger and better year.

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It’s the last week of The Goal Standard Challenge and things are finally getting easier. You are getting into the groove of things, finding solutions for your time and your energy. You’re forming habits and seeing results. But reaching a goal is a process -- and maintaining these good habits is a challenge all its own.


This week our experts and community, along with articles and worksheets will help prepare you for what comes after the challenge, including continuing to set your sights on a bigger and better year.

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What to expect this week:

Every day:

Daily articles, Worksheets and Checklists

To help you cross the finish line, we will share daily articles on our hub for The Goal Standard Challenge. There you’ll also find worksheets (ones designed and road-tested by our panel of experts) that you can customize for your plans and your needs.

Real-time support

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Monday, February 20
Automating Your Success, Facebook Live Event, 1 p.m. ET

High-performance coach Todd Herman will help us assess our progress through the past four weeks through something he calls the "Power 5." It will help us determine what choices will get us closer to where we want to be.

Download the worksheet here.

Tuesday, February 21
The Secret to Creating a Daily Routine, Facebook Live Event, 1 p.m. ET

With new habits in place, productivity coach Chris Winfield will share how to track your routine and the tools that make this easier. He'll also discuss how to adjust when your schedule is thrown a wrench -- like when you’re traveling, sick or just is no longer effective.

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Wednesday, February 22
Facebook Mini Challenge
Our weekly mini challenge this week shines a spotlight on everything you have achieved. Share your biggest wins over the past five weeks and what you learned. You’ll help others get inspired, while getting motivated hearing what people accomplished. Keep an eye on our Facebook Group to learn more.

Friday, February 24
Celebrating Your Wins, Facebook Live Event, 1 p.m. ET
In her last Facebook Live for The Goal Standard Challenge, entrepreneur and author Natalie MacNeil will help us review what we achieved in the last five weeks, what we learned about ourselves, and how to keep the momentum going. Download the worksheet here.

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About The Goal Standard Challenge:

The editors at Entrepreneur have reached out to numerous experts and dug through pages of research to design this comprehensive five-week program. With this preparation, you’ll understand the science of goal-setting and habit making, and be better prepared to achieve any goal. It’s just five weeks -- but it can better prepare you for anything that might come your way. If you haven't signed up for our five-week program you still have time. Just sign up below to get started.

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