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Jordan Peele Overcame Self-Doubt to Become the First Black Person to Win an Oscar for Original Screenplay

He was also nominated for best director for "Get Out," his horror film with a social bent.


Jordan Peele last night became the first black person to win an Oscar for best original screenplay for Get Out, which he was also nominated for directing, and revealed that self-doubt almost stopped him from finishing his screenplay.

Albert L. Ortega | Getty Images

"This means so much to me. I stopped writing this movie about 20 times, because I thought it was impossible," he said during his acceptance speech. "I thought it wasn't going to work. I thought no one would ever make this movie. But I kept coming back to it because I knew if someone let me make this movie, that people would hear it and people would see it. So I want to dedicate this to the people who raised my voice and let me make this movie."

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We all encounter hurdles in our lives, from both that nagging voice in your head to naysayers, but if you believe in your vision, you should see it through to completion. You just may make history.

And of course, there's probably no better feeling than being cheered on by your bestie.

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