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This Personalized, 'Immune-Boosting' Pack Can Put Your Generic Vitamin C to Shame

Stay healthy on-the-go with this Immune Defense pack from Persona.

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Opting for a one-size-fits-all approach to your daily vitamins and using a single supplement to get the nourishment your body needs is about as personalized as wearing a size 6 shoe when you’re really a 10. Simply put, everybody is different, and has different needs, too. Are you trying to fight fatigue? Boost your immunity? Improve digestion? All of those things require a unique combination of natural supplements and vitamins. 


This problem is what Persona, the purveyor of specialized vitamin packs, hopes to solve. The company’s medical advisory board (which includes five doctors, three registered dieticians, eight nutritionists and a veteran doctor of pharmacy) combines their professional know-how and the latest in scientific nutritional research to compile a list of supplements that can help you address your specific needs. 

Moreover, all of Persona’s products have been vetted by third-party sources to ensure overall quality and purity of the ingredients at hand. They are then tested again to verify bioavailability. This laborious vetting process means that you’ll be ingesting supplements that are active and gentle on your system (especially as you’ll be taking these every day). 

After taking an assessment that will help pinpoint your health concerns and current lifestyle, Persona will recommend a combination of these science-backed vitamins to add to your routine. 

For example, its Immune Defense Kit, which can help promote a myriad of health benefits including gut health, cell health and fighting free radicals, combines the power of vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin D, olive leaf extract and a probiotic, all of which have been shown to help keep your immune system in top shape. 

With your purchase of the Immune Defense Kit (or any other of the ones offered by Persona), you’ll receive a 28-day supply of daily vitamin packs delivered directly to your door — each of which are sorted by time of day for maximum effectiveness — as well as personalized support from its on-staff nutritionists. 

Considering the high level of customization involved in Persona, you’d think that the service would have a premium price tag attached to it. In reality, depending on your particular needs, Persona subscriptions can cost as little as $1 per day. Let its affordability, on top of the brand’s trustworthiness, be the proverbial cherry on top. 

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