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Invest in a Better Pharmaceutical Industry With NowRX

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The pharmaceutical industry is a famously intransigent one, resisting disruption for so long that it has helped contribute to enormously high medication and pharmaceutical costs. Retail pharmacy today is a $330 billion industry, marked by high premiums and inconvenience. The pharmaceutical industry simply offers customers a bad model and, until now, there has been hardly any effort at change.


NowRx, however, is spearheading innovations in technology, service, and convenience to disrupt the market and promote positive change, and it's proving to be a solid prospect for enterprising investors.

Their modern business model focuses on low cost, highly automated micro fulfillment centers that allow for a streamlined order processing and delivery infrastructure. With fast, over-the-phone pharmacist consultations and same-day delivery available to many U.S. cities, NowRx cuts out the middleman pharmacies, reducing overhead and saving customers money.

Since 2017, NowRx seen a 280 percent jump in revenue and a 1,000 percent account growth rate, demonstrating that people are ready to buy into their model. They report an expected 33 percent month over month growth in revenue in March to $1.2 million and a doubling in the rate of new customer accounts compared to the start of 2020. Plus, with a new 5,600 sq ft. location in Mesa, Ariz., NowRx is fully invested in expanding nationwide.

NowRx is a company on a mission that the vast majority of people can get behind. Right now is a perfect opportunity to invest, and they're actively seeking new investment. You can find NowRx on the SeedInvest platform, a community of highly-vetted, cutting-edge startups available for public investment.