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Should You Repel Job Candidates Instead of Attracting Them?

Author and entrepreneur Charlotte Marshall explains how, contrary to conventional wisdom, the recruiting process is exactly the right time to start sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of your employee experience.

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What if the key to disruption in the recruiting industry was as simple as repelling the wrong candidates from applying to your jobs? Think about how much time and energy is spent sifting through applications, interviewing candidates and ultimately rejecting those who aren’t a match for your company. Or worse, how many people accept offers only to leave your organization as soon as they realize some of the challenging aspects of your culture? The drain on resources is a huge cost to businesses already strapped in an uncertain economic environment.

Charlotte Marshall

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Charlotte Marshall, co-author of the new book, Give & Get Employer Branding: Repel the Many and Compel the Few with Impact, Purpose and Belonging and Global Employer Brand Lead at Danaher Corporation to talk about the current state of the recruiting industry and why it’s ripe for change.

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