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Equipping Your Team to Work Remotely Can be Easier with Favro

Favro fosters collaborative planning within and across teams without wasting precious time.

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The future of work, a.k.a. working from anywhere, is happening sooner than we thought. What does that mean for entrepreneurs? For starters, it means business owners will have to make decisions around how much freedom and flexibility they afford their employees. Some employers may mandate that everyone returns to the office, whereas others may adopt a hybrid approach or fully embrace the distributed workforce model.

Courtesy of Favro

Entrepreneurs, in other words, have an important decision to make: do they want to lead their companies as autocrats or facilitators? Those looking to facilitate growth—both for their business and employees while meeting the latter's preference for work-from-home opportunities—ought to check out Favro.

Favro is an agile, all-in-one app for collaborative planning. It takes the most useful apps and project management tools from different agile management methodologies and sticks them all into one convenient digital space for your and your employees' use. This solution, put another way, delivers a foundation in collaborative planning—perfect for partially or fully remote businesses—so that work within and across teams gets done without wasting precious time switching between many different apps.

And it's this focus on simplifying the complex that arguably makes Favro stand out as a leading collaborative planning and working tool for everyone from fledgling to scaling startups. Unlike some of its competitors that offer alignment across an organization by centralized control only, Favro empowers team autonomy and alignment by fostering transparency and cross-team collaboration. Department silos, massive management hierarchies, and bureaucracy won't be able to slow you down anymore when you have Favro by your side.

All in all, remote work looks to change the business landscape in 2021 and for the years to come. Consequently, business leaders need to adapt to this new normal and implement agile tools that facilitate remote work and account for other uncertainties that may impact the business landscape. Favro, the most agile all-in-one app for collaborative planning, can help entrepreneurs adapt to the new normal—all for 25 percent off when you use code FPD2021Z.

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