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40 Person Brawl Erupts in Chain Restaurant Over One Piece of Steak

The scene at a Pennsylvania location of Golden Corral went viral on social media.


Looks like some angry customers took the wild Wild West theme at the Golden Corral a bit too seriously.

Twitter via @Raw_News1st
Twitter via @Raw_News1st

A 40-something-person brawl broke out in one of the restaurant chain's Bensalem, Pennsylvania locations over an alleged piece of steak.

A video of the incident that was shared with ABC shows the absolute chaos taking place near the buffet, showing chairs being swung, punches being thrown and massive hoards of people acting completely reckless.

In the clip, dozens of customers can be heard screaming at one another and at management as the scene begins to escalate.

The irony of the massive group of brawlers standing under a sign in a restaurant that simply reads "Gather Round" is almost Oscar worthy.

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One witness, Alexis Rios, says that the incident began after the person in line in front of him grew angry with the cook because Rios received his steak first (even though he was behind the other customer in line) since he ordered it raw which takes less time to cook.

"I grabbed a chair to defend myself and then that was it," Rios told 6ABC Philadelphia of the escalation of the fight. "Punches were getting thrown, chairs were getting thrown. You name it, you call it — cups, glasses, everything.

A former employee at the location, Dylan Becker, said that he spoke to his friend who was still employed at that specific Golden Corral who corborated Rios' claim that the fight started over steak.

"There was two parties in line waiting for steak. Somebody had cut in front and then started being picky and finicky about the steaks and taking too long, and then, somebody else spoke up and said something I guess the other party didn't like," Becker said. "Then, it just looks like it turned into an all-out brawl," Becker said.

Officials from franchise owners, JK Hospitality LLC, responded to the incident and notifying the public that police are currently investigating what exactly went down at the Corral.

"We are aware of an unfortunate disturbance that started between two parties of guests at our franchise restaurant in Bensalem, PA. We notified the local authorities, and they are investigating the incident," the company told Fox News in a statement. "Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. The safety of our guests and co-workers is our top priority,"

Rios maintains that nobody was seriously injured, though he did note that he walked away with a bruise on his nose and that his brother received a black eye.

So much for southern hospitality!

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