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What My Job as a 'Momager' Has Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

What entrepreneurship and performing arts careers for Black and Brown artists have in common.

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As an entrepreneur, CEO and momager for my two children — phenomenal actors of color — there's a lot I'm thinking about these days. In my career as a CEO and in my influencer career, I've come up against major adversity. There've been hard lessons learned and many stumbling blocks along the way. But it wasn't until my two kids went into show business that I started to put the pieces together. All this time, I've been my own business ally as a businesswoman of color, and performers must do the same.

We're going to explore what entrepreneurism and performing arts careers for Black and Brown artists have in common. There are so many parallels. The very act of being an entrepreneur is a struggle at times. But I've found that when you jump those hurdles, there are amazing things to be gained on the other side. This is for all the performers of color out there — you brave and courageous ones that have set your hearts to dance, theater, music or anything else that puts your talents on display. All while combatting those who make you feel different.

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