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False heiress Anna Sorokin, whose case inspired a successful Netflix series, will be deported to Germany

The series "Inventing Anna" is based on the life of the woman who used social networks and a false personality to captivate the highest spheres of New York. Now another chapter in its history opens.

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The story of Anna Delvy , the woman whose life inspired the Netflix series Inventing Anna , continues to be talked about: today it was announced that the young woman will be deported to the city of Frankfurt , in Germany, after having been detained in a New York prison since the end of 2018. The 31-year-old became famous after she deceived members of the highest sphere of the New York elite between 2013 and 2017, inventing a false personality and creating a foundation for the art development. Under the name Anna Sorokin , the alleged heiress to the fortune of a German tycoon, managed to fool friends, banks and hotels and live as if she were indeed a multimillionaire for at least five years.

TIMOTHY A. CLARY | Getty Images

Anna relied on a solid social media strategy to project a personality that impacted and captivated other millionaires who gradually included her in their circle of friends. At the end of 2018, the woman was arrested and appeared in court in New York City, where she pleaded not guilty. In March 2019, the trial began that lasted a month in which Anna always wore clothes from luxurious brands and continued with the narrative of being the heir to a fortune. In April of that same year, the young woman was found guilty of robbery for having defrauded banks and hotels for more than $200,000 dollars; She was also found guilty on eight of the ten charges against her and received a sentence of between four and twelve years in prison. After spending two years in a prison in Orange County, New York, the woman received parole in February 2021, although she was retained by the United States Customs Control for having remained in the country longer than her visa allowed. The news of his deportation opens a new chapter in his story.


The real Anna was born in Russia on January 23, 1991 into a working-class family. For years his father made a living as a truck driver and his mother working in a convenience store. When he was 15 years old the family emigrated to Germany. At the age of 19, the young woman decided to move to Paris to study fashion and from there she moved to New York, where she unfolded the narrative of her luxurious life.

Anna's story caught the attention of Netflix and although the woman is in custody, there are reports that the streaming giant paid her more than $300,000 to produce Inventing Anna ; In addition, the woman is preparing a podcast and a documentary film in which she narrates her version of the events. His Instagram profile has more than 900 thousand followers.

That is knowing how to exploit a story.


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