Rather Than Trying to Reinvent the Wheel, Be Inspired by These 5 Books

The five books are must reads for those looking to change their life and path to success.

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By Clay Clark

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To not run a venture into the ground, entrepreneurs need to learn what it takes to succeed. Often this just comes from not making the mistake twice -- but there are a few proactive strategies entrepreneurs can make to not make the error in the first place.

While it helps to talk to mentors, colleagues and customers, picking up a book can also be extremely beneficial. 

As a business consultant, I am a voracious reader of self-help books, case studies of thriving companies, and the biographies and autobiographies of the world’s most successful people. I relentlessly implement the best ideas into my businesses.

The five books listed below absolutely must be read if you are looking to change your life and your path to success.

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The author of Think and Grow Rich was personally charged by Andrew Carnegie with the task of compiling the world’s most comprehensive research into the science of success. With the help of personal introductions by Andrew Carnegie, diligence and an absolute burning desire to teach the world how to become successful, Napoleon Hill devoted nearly his entire adult lifetime creating practical content entrepreneurs need to become successful.

The habit of doing more than you are paid for can benefit any business that sells a product or service. Learning and understanding the principle of the mastermind philosophy of networking can increase the value of your network and your net worth. 

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

To secure financing, close a deal, get married, build a team, motivate your staff and do anything in life, you must be able to positively influence people in a sustainable way. And How to Win Friends & Influence People teaches you just that.

Most formal educational curriculums teach you business skills you need, but without the ability to communicate and lead others, your dreams will never turn into reality. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, businessperson, or human who just wants to move up in life, this book is a must read.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The entire focus of this book is teaching you the practical steps you need to know to make your wallet grow. Robert Kiyosaki’s detailed training on the cash flow quadrant and pathway shows you how to go from being an employee to becoming self-employed and a successful investor. Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad is a must for anyone looking to go from poverty to prosperity. This book will teach you how to get out of the “financial rat race.”

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The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

In The E-Myth Revisited, author Michael Gerber explains that most entrepreneurs have a unique skill or product, but it does not make them great business owners. Gerber methodically teaches how over-worked and underpaid entrepreneurs change their businesses to be scalable and duplicable. The knowledge you will obtain from this book will empower you to start or grow a business in any industry. Once you learn to build a scalable business system, you are no longer limited based on your skills. Building a successful business comes down to documenting your values, processes, systems and checklists. 

Soft Selling in a Hard World by Jerry Vass

During the course of Soft Selling in a Hard World, the reader is taught how not to sell and why most sales presentations come across as tacky, high pressure and cheap. The reader will learn how to change her entire mentality about the sales process to help solve a problem for the buyer by purchasing the seller’s products or services. This can be achieved by writing compelling call scripts or learning how to overcome objections, two tactics this book touches on.

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Clay Clark

Founder of Thrive15.com

Clay Clark is the founder of Thrive15.com, a company offering online education for entrepreneurs in 15-minute videos taught by world-class mentors.

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