10 Awesome Cases For Your New iPhone 6

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So you're about to get your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, and chances are you'll want to get a case to protect it. iPhones have a reputation for breaking easily, and early reviews of the iPhone 6 have said that Apple's newest phone is especially slippery.

iPhone accessory makers have been hard at work creating new cases since before Apple even unveiled the phone, so there are plenty to choose from. 

Here's a look at some of the best offerings so far.

Apple's iPhone 6 Leather Case ($45)

Image credit: Apple

Apple has a new leather case for the iPhone 6 that has a soft microfiber lining on the inside for protection. It comes in five different colors: black, red, blue, brown, and white.

Spigen's iPhone 6 Case Wallet S ($29.99)

Image credit: Spigen

Spigen's Wallet S Case for the iPhone 6 comes with three slots for holding your credit cards, ID, cash, and anything else you may need to keep on you. There's also a kickstand that's adjustable, which means you can easily change up the viewing angles. 

Otterbox Symmetry ($39.95-$44.95)

Image credit: OtterBox

If you're looking for something a little more durable than your standard iPhone case, try an Otterbox. The Symmetry is one of Otterbox's slimmer cases, and it comes in a wide variety of color combinations and patterns. 

Otterbox Commuter Wallet ($39.90-$49.90)

Image credit: OtterBox

Otterbox's wallet case is a bit different than the traditional kind. Rather than featuring a book-style folio cover, the Otterbox Commuter Wallet comes with a slot that slides out from under the phone. Like Otterbox's other cases, you can customize the colors. 

Spigen Slim Armor Case for the iPhone 6 ($19)

Image credit: Spigen (via Amazon)

Spigen's lightweight case is shock absorbent and also comes in dozens of color combinations. It's made of a matte polycarbonate material. 

Belkin Classic Folio Case for the iPhone 6 ($34.99)

Image credit: Belkin

Belkin also has a nice folio option for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The cover looks a bit smoother than Spigen's for those who aren't into the stitched-leather look. Like Spigen's it also comes with a kickstand, but only features one slot for holding your personal items. Regardless, it's a nice-looking case for those who want a folio-style cover. 

Belkin Slim-Fit Armband for the iPhone 6/6 Plus ($24.99/$34.99)

Image credit: Belkin

Looking to go for a workout with your new iPhone? Belkin has already made some armbands designed to fit Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. There's a Slim-Fit version for the iPhone 6 Plus that's meant to make the larger phone more comfortable to wear on your arm.

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Aluminum Fit ($29.99)

Image credit: Spigen

If you're looking for protection but don't want to give up the aluminum feel of your iPhone, try this case from Spigen. The back plate is made of diamond-cut anodized aluminum; the rest is made of polycarbonate. You can get it in champagne gold, metal slate, satin silver, and space gray. 

Speck CandyShell Case for the iPhone 6 ($34.95)

Image credit: Speck

Speck has some new colorful cases for the iPhone 6, too. Speck claims its new covers only add 0.16 inch to the iPhone 6's thickness and are made with military-grade materials. 

BuQu PowerArmour Case for the iPhone 6 ($79.99)

Image credit: BuQu

It may be a bit expensive compared to the other cases on this list, but the BuQu PowerArmour case comes with a bigger battery than your iPhone 6. 

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