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Government, Claiming it Cracked iPhone Security, Drops Legal Action Against Apple

The abrupt end to a confrontation that had transfixed the tech industry was a victory for Apple, which vehemently opposed a court order to unlock the device used by the San Bernardino shooter.

Why iPhone's New Night Shift Will Still Mess With Your Sleep

Apple's idea sounds like an obvious and simple solution: Less blue light, less trouble getting to sleep. Alas, there's a catch.

How the FBI Might Unlock That iPhone Without Apple's Help

The FBI is going to test out the technique over the next two weeks and will report back to the court hearing the case.
Business Moving Forward

Report: iPhone Catches Fire Mid-Flight

The Alaska Airlines flight was traveling from Bellingham, Wash., to Hawaii, and was somewhere over the Pacific Ocean when the fire started.

The One Surprise From Apple's Event Yesterday

About a half-hour into its sales pitch, the company announced the long-rumored iPhone SE, with one notable feature.

Government Now Says it May Not Need Apple to Unlock iPhone, Postpones Hearing

The government had insisted until Monday that it had no way to access the phone used by one of the killers in the December massacre in San Bernardino, Calif.
Court Cases

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Samsung-Apple iPhone Patent Fight

The appeal to the top court could clarify how important design is to the overall value of products involved in patent disputes.

Justice Department Calls Apple's Rhetoric 'Corrosive' in iPhone Case

The government said Apple 'deliberately raised technological barriers' to prevent execution of a warrant.

Snowden: FBI Claim That Only Apple Can Unlock iPhone Is BS

The FBI last month convinced a federal judge that the only way to get into the phone was to make Apple write code to undermine its own security protocols. Apple is refusing to comply.
Legal Issues

FBI Director Says Apple Case May Set a Precedent for Other Devices

The remarks were a slight change to James Comey's statement last week that ordering Apple to unlock the phone was 'unlikely to be a trailblazer.'

New York Judge Backs Apple in Encryption Fight With Government

The judge ruled that he did not have the legal authority to order Apple to disable the security of an iPhone that was seized during a drug investigation.
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Still Haven't Gotten an iPhone 6s? Watch This Review.

The Digitald0m takes you on a tour of the latest phone's features.