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Donald Trump and T-Mobile CEO John Legere Hurl Insults in Twitter Feud


Grab some popcorn: Two of the business world’s most brutally outspoken figureheads have thrown down in an epic social media face-off.

REUTERS | Eduardo Munoz

On one side is real estate scion Donald Trump, who is no stranger to Twitter feuds. In the past, Trump has called Mark Cuban “dopey,” blasted Cher’s “massive plastic surgeries” and dubbed Rosie O’Donnell “a true loser.” On the other is T-Mobile’s candid CEO John Legere, who has infamously referred to competitors AT&T and Verizon as “high and mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny that you have.”

It all started when Legere, who was staying at a Trump hotel in New York City, complained about a street drummer making noise outside of his room, and hotel staffers asked the drummer to move. Trump took the incident as an opportunity to fire off this incendiary dig:

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Whereupon Legere promptly checked out of Trump International. “Now I don't have to watch TV with the first nine channels being the Trump family saying how wonderful they are,” he tweeted.

Since the fight first erupted on Saturday, both Legere and Trump have inundated their timelines with retweets from supporters. Trump, who has more than twice as many followers as Legere, took the opportunity to plug an ostensive presidential bid in 2016, and mostly stuck to digs about T-Mobile’s poor service. Legere, on the other hand, was much more personally vicious, retweeting insults about Trump’s hair, bankruptcies, hotel closures, sons and his brash temper.

The dust has mostly settled for now. 

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