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To Reach Your Goal, Make Time For This

It's the tiny adjustments that make the biggest differences.

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Congrats! You’ve completed The Goal Standard’s second week. This phase, the Honeymoon Stage, was a of excitement. We showed you real-world strategies to get organized and set priorities to help harness that big energy. It’s a crucial strategy for forming positive habits that can lead to real momentum.  

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What we learned:

-In a , Todd Herman helped us understand exactly how to break a big goal into smaller action items, tasks and events. Watch that here.
-Productivity expert Chris Winfield shared a technique to help prioritize the tasks in your day in his Tuesday Facebook Live. Watch that here.
-Accountability pro Ali Schiller told you how to find a power-packed accountability buddy to help achieve your goals. Watch that here.

Need to Catch up?
If you’ve missed an article, worksheet, challenge or Facebook Live, don’t worry. We’ve collected them all on our hub for The Goal Standard Challenge.  

What to do now:
It’s time to think about the week. What went right? What went wrong? Author and producer Natalie MacNeil reminds us of the importance of taking stock and reflecting. This crucial step will help you make the tiny adjustments that help you get things done. Watch Natalie’s latest Facebook Live here.  

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