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10 Ways Enterprise Chatbots Empower CEOs

Company leaders and CEOs of small and large organizations are using enterprise chatbots to get more done.

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The chatbot revolution is well on its way and it's becoming more obvious in different aspects of our daily lives. Company leaders and CEOs of small and large organizations are using enterprise chatbots more every day because it allows them to track and take control of their daily routine.

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These AI-fueled virtual assistants have empowered CEOs, entrepreneurs, and startup owners because they provide a set of unique tools that can help increase productivity and save time for business leaders and their employees.

Successful CEOs and entrepreneurs are driven by innovation, and implementing a chatbot can have a huge impact on the success of your business venture. To help you out, I've written an article that focuses on the top 10 ways enterprise chatbots can empower CEOs and small business owners.

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What makes chatbots so powerful?

Although they've been in development for decades, chatbots had a breakthrough in 2016. AI-powered bots have allowed companies to provide customer service around the clock without having to hire more people or spend huge amounts of money. Thanks to platforms like ChattyPeople, you can build an AI-powered chatbot in a matter of minutes for free, and without any coding knowledge.

The reason chatbots are so impressive is the AI technology that powers them. AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, allows bots to communicate and receive requests as if we were speaking to a friend. Chatbots also have the ability to parse and analyze huge amounts of information quickly and efficiently, so they can be utilized to provide visual representations of complex studies and their results as well.

In addition, you'll reach users directly through their favorite messaging platforms, such as Kik, Skype, or Facebook Messenger, thus increasing your chances of building a deeper bond with your target audience.

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How enterprise chatbots empower CEOs.

Although most chatbots are designed to help consumers, there are others that are built to assist companies with their internal processes. Known as internal-facing, or enterprise chatbots, their main purpose is to help your employees streamline difficult assignments, complete repetitive tasks, and provide information quickly and efficiently.

You could go a step further and create a chatbot that's specifically designed to serve the needs of CEOs and business owners. If you think about the challenges a typical business leader faces on a regular basis, it's not hard to see why many of them undergo huge levels of stress. Enterprise chatbots can help empower CEOs by:

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1. Analyzing internal big data.

Chatbots have the ability to process a massive amount of information, so they can quickly sort through large internal data reports. These reports can reveal trends and patterns that can help you mitigate costly issues, such as attendance and seasonal anomalies. An enterprise chatbot can help an organization's CEO collect and analyze this information in order to build better strategies and guide the company in the right direction.

2. A useful direct scheduling tool.

One of the downsides of being a CEO or business leader is that you have very little time to spare. Automating repetitive, yet necessary tasks can prove to be an effective way to cope with the extremely busy work schedule. Building a chatbot to take care of your scheduling needs can help you stay organized without having to take the time from your daily routine to do it yourself.

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3. As a personal assistant.

Although many CEOs have personal assistants to help them stay on top of their responsibilities, many small business owners and entrepreneurs don't have that kind of financial freedom. Chatbots offer a perfect solution that only requires you to invest some of your own time into creating and optimizing the bot. AI-powered bots learn with every interaction, so the amount of time you spend optimizing your bot will be significantly reduced the more you use it.

4. Measuring your team's morale.

Building an internal-facing bot is a great way to encourage your team members to communicate with their peers and colleagues. They can also help CEOs measure their team's morale and get an accurate feel for the overall satisfaction levels within their company.

5. Never bored doing mundane, daily tasks.

We all know that office jobs can become incredibly repetitive, even in the most creative industries. Chatbots offer a great alternative that help CEOs automate mundane tasks, such as replying to similar inquiries and appointment requests. They can then invest their time into revenue-generating activities without worrying about engaging in boring assignments.

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6. Staying up-to-date with relevant news.

All industry leaders need to stay current with relevant news, and chatbots can help you do this by gathering information for you from your favorite apps. They are also accessible through multiple devices, so you can start viewing news on your mobile and catch up when you have access to a tablet or computer.  

7. Making data-driven strategy decisions.

All company CEOs need short-term and long-term strategies to give them a sense of purpose, and some of these can depend heavily on data analysis. Chatbots have the ability to parse and organize internal and external data that can help dictate these strategies and policies.

8. Managing personal and company finances.

AI-powered bots can use machine learning to help CEOs manage personal and company finances. From giving you frugality advice to keeping a tab on your earnings and expenditures, these bots will keep your finances in check.

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9. Booking business trips.

Virtual personal assistants have the ability to run filtered queries and make bookings, so they can help organize business trips for you or your team members without having to go through lengthy selection or check-out processes.

10 Simplifying all interactions with mobile devices.

It's no secret that business owners and CEOs spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, and having an AI-powered bot can help prevent this. Chatbots help to give them centralized access to all the information they need, eliminating the necessity for various applications, thus cutting the time spent staring at a mobile device.

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Creating a chatbot that is integrated with all your tools and that is designed to fit your specific needs can help relieve a lot of that unnecessary pressure without you having to recruit, train, or pay for any new employees. By taking into consideration some of the points mentioned above, you, as a CEO, can focus on leading your company to success rather than spending your valuable time trawling through paperwork in your office.

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