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Make Yourself Comfortable Inside SeatGeek's Office

The office is seen, affectionately, as a home away from home, which is perhaps why the company is attracting so much new talent.

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Seatgeek is a work-hard, play-hard type of place. For proof, look no further than the ticketing platform's headquarters, where an expansive kitchen serves as a gathering space for company-wide meetings as well as meticulously planned happy hours -- like the Winter Olympics–­themed gathering that took place in February, complete with virtual reality ski-jumping competitions. It's also the place where staff members can linger well past quitting time and pull down an oversize projection screen to watch the night's game over a few beers. The office is seen, affectionately, as a home away from home, which is perhaps why the 337-employee company is attracting so much new talent: It recently added 11 new hires to the New York office in a single week. They'll surely be making themselves comfortable.

Adam Friedberg

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Tara Verma

Marketing intern

"My managers are really receptive to my ideas -- it's nice to feel like I can contribute as an intern. I also appreciate that I can explore different areas of work. For example, I was interested in , so I worked with the influencer team and helped plan a campaign for Coachella."

Ryan Lee

Frontend engineer

"A lot of us have a shared love for live events. We bond around that. There are often Slack mentions of people saying, "Hey, anyone want to go to the Nets game tonight?' We have an awesome ticket perk -- $120 a month to spend on tickets to events."

Lee Moulton

Director of commerce partnerships

"I've known [co-founder] Russ D'Souza for a long time, from the New York startup ecosystem. I'd been at my last job for years, helped scale the business and wanted a new challenge. Working for a good guy to solve a big problem? That's a great opportunity. The leadership team is super hands-on and brings a lot of transparency to the company. Plus, our kitchen is pretty sweet, right? We have kombucha on tap, and I drink it all the time."

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Tess Johnson

Social media support manager

"We have a variety of spaces to work in. If you need zero distractions, isolate yourself in a private booth. If you want natural light, sit by the window and watch passersby on the street. The number of options and general sense of calm in our office is really helpful. I'd rather come here than work from home any day."

Jamie Hooker

Director of talent

"A common thread among our staff is an intellectual curiosity and appreciation for what we create. Maybe you're not passionate about sports, but you love live music. Or maybe you're a theater fan. Or maybe you don't like live events at all, but you love the technology we're creating and the work we're doing. Something about our mission resonates with everyone who works here, and that makes it a really inspiring place to be."

Jess Henshaw

HR coordinator

"A big piece of my job is onboarding new hires. Growing as much as we are, we're working to make sure we don't lose the kind of where everyone knows everyone's name. We have a buddy program, partnering new hires with someone who's not on their team -- someone who will kind of give them a nudge to stick around for happy hour or come to an off-site event. Having someone in a different department as an initial friend is really helpful."

David Brett

Software engineer

"There's really a culture of taking time to help each other out and collaborate. Honestly, I never used SeatGeek before I started working here, but the people won me over as soon as I interviewed. They could have been making anything and I would have been eager to join. And I am a user now!"

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Erin Elsham

Senior events specialist

"Everyone here is so dedicated to their jobs and so talented -- and I don't just mean talented in their professional roles. We've got tons of comedians and musicians on staff, people who perform outside the office. I myself am an aerialist, and at my last performance I had a little SeatGeek fan club in the audience. Embarrassing, but nice!"

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Image Credit: Adam Friedberg

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